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Depression is a complex health problem that needs proper attention at the right moment. It can have an impact on all aspects of a person’s life, including personal relationships and physical health. Certainly, it affects mental health. It is estimated that approximately 7% of adults in the United States suffer from depression every year. Depressive symptoms can worsen and last longer if not treated. The noticeable thing is that treatment for depression can significantly improve symptoms.

At MAVA Behavioral Health, our licensed healthcare professionals specialize in treating depression with appropriate medication management. Life can be difficult, but with our assistance, you may continue toward a balanced state of mind. Hence, you can avail of our services at any of depression treatment centers located Texas, Florida and Illinois.

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Symptoms of Depression

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Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression

    It’s not known what causes depression. A lot of factors are involved in causing                  depression, including:

  • Depression is linked to an imbalance of chemical messengers such as serotonin and dopamine.
  • Having a first-degree relative (parent or sibling) with depression increases your risk of developing the condition by three times compared to the general population.
  • Depression can occur even if there is no family history of the condition.
  • Facing some feared events, such as trauma, divorce, loneliness, and lack of support, can lead to depression.
  • Chronic pain and chronic conditions, such as diabetes, can contribute to depression.
  • Some medications may cause depression as an adverse impact.

Why Choose MAVA Behavioral Health for Depression Treatment


During your treatment, we'll collaborate to set goals, track your progress, and modify your treatment plan as needed. This collaboration makes it easier to manage depression.

Medication Counseling

We assist you in ensuring that you take the appropriate depression medication. Our goal is to help you manage your treatment for depression smoothly.

Supportive and Helpful Staff

We offer a safe and judgment-free environment in which you may speak up and communicate your emotions. In this supportive environment, you can develop a strong, relaxing relationship with your healthcare provider.

Comfortable Environment

Online psychiatry services reduce the stigma of seeking mental health support. You can receive judgment-free care from the comfort of your own space.

Hassle-Free Services

With personalized care for medication management, our services cover various aspects of your mental health, making it easy to manage depression.


Resilience is the capacity to recover from mental health challenges. We will help you navigate difficult times and optimize your mental health through our treatment.

Depression Treatment for Young Adults

Depression is a mental health state that requires proper treatment. Medications are used to treat depression in young adults. You can also take back control of your life and serve toward long-term well-being. Antidepressant medications are among the treatment options available for depression in young adults. Our licensed medical professional will consider a variety of factors before prescribing medication.
It includes the extent of symptoms, medical history, and outcome of previous treatment for depression. 

Contact us today for more information on our depression treatment for young individuals. You may also visit our depression treatment centers located in Texas, Florida, and Illinois.

Depression Treatment for Young Adults
Diagnosing Depression

Diagnosing Depression

Healthcare providers diagnose depression by deeply identifying your symptoms and medical history. After that, they may diagnose your depression by analyzing the signs. Furthermore, based on the severity of your depression symptoms, they’ll diagnose its type accurately.

Your healthcare provider may conduct a physical exam and inquire about your health. Depression can sometimes be connected with an underlying physical health problem.
Your mental health professional asks about your symptoms, ideas, feelings, and behavioral patterns. You may be asked to complete a questionnaire to help answer these queries.

For diagnosis, our healthcare providers analyze the five symptoms of depression that persist for a few days to weeks. Whenever you observe any symptoms of depression, you may reach out to our depression treatment centers, which are easy to access for you.

Find the Right Path to Mental Wellness

Most of the time, psychiatrists use antidepressants to treat depression. Additional medication to supplement the existing antidepressant medication is typically considered.

Recognizing a problem, attempting to address it, and adhering to a proper plan are all prerequisites a treatment for depression. It can be difficult when you have depression, but patience is essential when starting treatment.

Nevertheless, how hopeless things appear, you can recover with treatment; many people do. You can get online treatment for depression through our telehealth services. Our comprehensive depression treatment method will demonstrate to you more about the positive aspects of medications.

Our Depression Treatment Specialists

When looking for the best treatment for depression, it’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is unique. At MAVA Behavioral Health, our licensed healthcare experts specialize in creating personalized treatment plans that address your specific needs and lead you to a brighter future. After determining your mental health, we recommend the best option for you that will lead to overall mental well-being.

Medication is a common treatment method, with antidepressants such as SSRIs and SNRIs regulating neurons in the brain to improve mood. Collaborate closely with each other; the psychiatrist chooses the best medication for major depression disorder for you.

Our Depression Treatment Specialists

Get Guidance from Our Depression Psychiatrists

If you notice any depression symptoms, contact your healthcare practitioner. They can provide you with a reliable diagnosis and treatment possibilities. If your treatment for depression isn’t working or you’re experiencing unpleasant side effects, speak with a healthcare professional.

At MAVA Behavioral Health, we may recommend an adequate treatment plan for managing depression. Contact us without the fear of being judged as we are here for your mental well-bein

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Real Stories Real Transformations

Alejandra Garcia
Alejandra Garcia
Mary is an outstanding person. Very attentive and observant of my son’s health needs. Mava health has helped my son continue to get his medication. Appointments are not long and they are flexible to our schedule.
Deanne manditch
Deanne manditch
Absolutely love Gretel Salazar she has been working with my son and he has been working on the best man he can be… thank you for everything you’ve done for him.
Sherry Tenorio
Sherry Tenorio
Mrs. Rida takes the time to listen and gets to know patients always chooses safely for patients when it comes to medication
Amy Geuss
Amy Geuss
My daughter was seen today. Amazing dr. Great bedside manner, cared and very helpful. Will recommend to my friends and family. Looking forward to seeing her again soon
M Moon
M Moon
The Dr I see here is awesome. She listens and understands and has genuine concern for me as a patient. My life and well-being have improved so much in the last year since I started seeing her. There is a lot of comfort in knowing my mental health is high priority to my psychiatrist and stays well taken care of.I'm so grateful for the true quality care I receive here because I know it can be hard to find. I recommend Mava to others that need help with their mental health. 10/10
Larry Finley
Larry Finley
Uses time efficiently but still takes the time to discuss issues with patient.
Matt Sivley
Matt Sivley
They have several different docs. They know their stuff. Willing to work with your schedule anytime. I have had a lot of different Psychiatrists (Don’t Judge Me! lol) and this one is best so far.
Christine White
Christine White
This lady is warn, kind, and a great listener. I'd recommend to to anyone!

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