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Psychosis can occur when your emotions, thoughts, and senses do not correspond to reality. Furthermore, psychosis is a symptom, not a disease. The adequate option for you is to seek some professional help for psychosis treatment. Psychosis may cause you to sense, consume, smell, hear, or contact things that do not exist. It may also cause you to believe ideas or experience emotions that disagree with facts.When dealing with psychosis, you’re not alone – MAVA Behavioral Health has your back! Our approach is all about making things easier for you and your family.

We use simple, evidence-based practices to help manage your challenge. Hence, you may visit our psychosis treatment centers located in Texas, Florida, and Illinois.

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Symptoms of Psychosis

The psychosis symptoms include:

  • Quick, illogical, confused, disorganized, and lacking flow
  • Speech with multiple tangents and unrelated topics.
  • Difficulty staying focused without interruptions.
  • Difficulty expressing oneself logically
  • Beliefs that contradict evidence.
  • A concept that another person has influenced feelings 
  • Reservations, paranoid thoughts
  • Difficulty thinking clearly and rationally.
  • Withdrawing socially.
  • Strange or overly intense concepts.
  • Unusual feelings, or the absence of feelings.
  • Decrease in self-care or personal cleanliness.
Symptoms of Psychosis ​

Causes of Psychosis

The causes of psychosis involve a combination of factors such as:

  • Physical trauma or disease
  • Hormonal changes in the brain
  • Any feared event
  • Inheritance
  • Rational thoughts
  • Deficiency of vitamin B1 and B12
  • Infection in your spinal cord
  • Serious schizophrenia
  • Any traumatic event
  • Age factor
  • Multiple sclerosis

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Stages of Psychosis

Three stages of psychosis are recognized:

Our licensed healthcare professionals assist you in managing this disorder if you are diagnosed with any stage of psychosis. Thus, without delaying any more, get psychosis treatment with our expert mental health professionals.

Diagnosing Psychosis

Anyone can experience a thought disorder on occasion. However, if the cause is one or more unusual mental disorders, the illness will worsen if not treated properly. A psychiatrist conducts a psychosis test to diagnose psychosis. These tests will determine whether your behavior aligns with your culture, schooling, and intellect level. It indicates which is the best medication for psychosis for you to prescribe. Our psychiatrist will speak with you for an extended period, engaging in conversation while looking for the ability to stay on topic and indicate logical, ordered thoughts. 

All these steps are involved in the psychosis treatment process to diagnose the exact cause of the issue. Following that, our healthcare professional will assess the discussion using the thought disorder index, an examination that measures 23 areas on a scale of zero to one and weighs the degree of severity of both.

Diagnosing Psychosis
Treatment Method for Psychosis Disorder

Our Treatment Method for Psychosis Disorder

Psychiatrists prescribe anti-psychotic medicines to help balance the chemicals dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Medications for illusions, hallucinations, and mental illnesses do not cure symptoms of psychosis, but they can reduce its severity level. However, they provide an effective way to manage psychotic symptoms. Similarly, childhood psychosis is hard to manage, and our licensed healthcare providers tailor a specific treatment plan for adults facing such a problem.

Healthcare professionals frequently prescribe newer medications first because they have fewer negative effects and have been tested recently. However, such a sort of psychosis treatment is useful for children to deal with an issue in their lifespan. At our psychosis treatment centers, there is a proper assessment, diagnosis, and evaluation for the children to help our valued members manage the challenge.

Nevertheless, older anti-psychotic medicines have been on the market longer and have a wealth of data on their efficacy. Some medications are taken once or twice a month or even once a quarter.

Why Choose Us for Psychosis Treatment

MAVA Behavioral Health offers services that are exactly according to the needs of the people suffering from psychosis

Our compassionate healthcare providers listen to your concerns in a non-judgmental environment and diagnose the actual cause of the psychosis.

They prescribe suitable medication and develop a customized treatment plan for you according to your needs. By choosing our services, you’ll notice a positive change in your behavior and gain the ability to effectively manage your psychosis. 

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People with psychotic disorders who feel burdened or frequently criticized by others are more likely to experience stress, which can worsen their symptoms. Therefore, an optimistic approach may be more effective. By adopting such an approach, you’ll move on the way to mental health. Our Mental health professionals provide treatment plans to help manage emotions and actions. When you come to us, we will carefully examine your current mental health condition and create a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Although psychosis goes with the person’s life ever, you can learn the ways to deal and manage with it. For that purpose, you may rely on MAVA Behavioral Health. Contact us at MAVA Behavioral Health for professional assistance. You may also avail of the facility either to opt for the telehealth services or physical visit at our psychosis treatment centers. We offer our services from Texas, Florida, and Illinois.

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Alejandra Garcia
Alejandra Garcia
Mary is an outstanding person. Very attentive and observant of my son’s health needs. Mava health has helped my son continue to get his medication. Appointments are not long and they are flexible to our schedule.
Deanne manditch
Deanne manditch
Absolutely love Gretel Salazar she has been working with my son and he has been working on the best man he can be… thank you for everything you’ve done for him.
Sherry Tenorio
Sherry Tenorio
Mrs. Rida takes the time to listen and gets to know patients always chooses safely for patients when it comes to medication
Amy Geuss
Amy Geuss
My daughter was seen today. Amazing dr. Great bedside manner, cared and very helpful. Will recommend to my friends and family. Looking forward to seeing her again soon
M Moon
M Moon
The Dr I see here is awesome. She listens and understands and has genuine concern for me as a patient. My life and well-being have improved so much in the last year since I started seeing her. There is a lot of comfort in knowing my mental health is high priority to my psychiatrist and stays well taken care of.I'm so grateful for the true quality care I receive here because I know it can be hard to find. I recommend Mava to others that need help with their mental health. 10/10
Larry Finley
Larry Finley
Uses time efficiently but still takes the time to discuss issues with patient.
Matt Sivley
Matt Sivley
They have several different docs. They know their stuff. Willing to work with your schedule anytime. I have had a lot of different Psychiatrists (Don’t Judge Me! lol) and this one is best so far.
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Christine White
This lady is warn, kind, and a great listener. I'd recommend to to anyone!

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