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Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder in which an individual gets afraid of some events and unusual happenings. It is different from normal attacks as its intensity is high and even seems to strike out of the blue. At such a moment, panic disorder treatment would be an appropriate option for you to handle your fear adequately. An individual with panic disorder faces the symptoms of rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and feelings of fear. In addition, it is estimated that 2.7% of the US population faces the issue of panic disorder.

We understand how hard it is to deal with panic attacks. At MAVA Behavioral Health, we can help you manage them. Our healthcare providers will assess your current mental health and tailor a specific panic disorder treatment plan for you. Thus, you may avail of our services to handle it properly.

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Symptoms of Panic Disorder

The signs of the panic disorder include:

Chest pain


Thrashing heart



Rapid breathing



Feelings of thrilling fear

Causes of Panic Disorder

      There are a few causes of panic disorder that are given as:

  • Panic disorder usually occurs between the ages of 18 and 35. 
  • Childhood panic attacks are sometimes associated with gender. It is estimated that women experience panic attacks twice as much as men.
  • Sometimes, panic disorder is genetic, and it transfers from one generation to another. However, as many as fifty percent of people with panic disorder have no near relatives who suffer from the condition.
  • A lot of traumatic events, such as physical or sexual abuse, may also raise the risk of panic disorder.
  • Life transitions or difficult events, such as death, divorce, marriage, childbirth, or job loss, can increase the risk.

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Types of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are divided into two types: unexpected and expected. People with panic disorder are more likely to experience unexpected panic attacks, though some suffer from both types.

How Panic Attack Feel Like?

An attack usually lasts 5-10 minutes, but it can last for hours. You may observe symptoms similar to those of a heart attack or stroke. Whenever you observe the symptoms of night panic attacks, reach out to our healthcare provider at MAVA Behavioral Health. Panic attacks are not harmful, but they can worsen if not treated well.

The signs of a panic attack resemble the symptoms of any severe disorder. Therefore, if you are unaware of your recent condition and want to diagnose it, reach out to us. We’ll help to manage your panic attacks with suitable medicines and adequate panic disorder treatment if possible.


Panic Attack Feel
Treatment Method for Panic Attacks

Our Treatment Method for Panic Attacks

In addition to telehealth services, medications may be used to treat panic disorder. In some situations, our healthcare provider recommends panic disorder medication by assessing the problem of a person. Similarly, many antidepressants are used to lessen the intensity of the panic disorder. Medication is a prompt treatment option for panic disorder and many other disorders related to mental health.

Panic disorder medication is divided into two types:

2-Anti-anxiety medicines

Our psychiatrists at MAVA Behavioral Health prescribe medications to help with panic attacks. It also reduces anxiety and may treat coexisting conditions such as depression.

Prevention for Panic Attack

  • Seek panic disorder treatment as quickly as possible to prevent them from worsening or increasing in frequency.
  • Follow your panic disorder treatment plan to avoid relapses or worsening of panic attack symptoms.
  • Regular follow-up may help reduce anxiety.
  • Receive immediate treatment to reduce the severity and frequency of attacks.
  • Consistent physical activity reduces anxiety.
  • Maintain daily routines and get adequate sleep.
Contact Us to Get Professional Help

Contact Us to Get Professional Help

If you have panic attack signs, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Panic disorder is not harmful but might have a severe impact on human health if it is left untreated. Panic disorder is extremely uncomfortable, but proper medication management can reduce its effect. At MAVA Behavioral Health, our licensed mental health nurse practitioners tailor prescriptions that meet the needs of your mental health medication management and focus on reducing panic attacks.

Panic attack symptoms can be similar to those of severe medical conditions such as a heart attack. You may see help from our psychiatrists if you’re unsure what’s causing your symptoms.

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