Our office in San Antonio offers mental health services to individuals facing challenges with their health. Our team is here to assist and guide you to manage the issue.


Our Mental Health Services

We provide both telehealth and medical mental health services for individuals. Our online scheduling procedure is easy to use, and we’re quick to respond regarding overall well-being. 

Bipolar Disorder

Our bipolar disorder specialists assist you in tackling your mood swings, daily activities, and behavior.


We specialize in guiding and assisting children with ADHD; we are here to ensure that we'll never leave you to handle it by yourself. Our mental health services for adults facing ADHD are smooth and adaptable.

Anxiety Disorder

Using our effective strategies, you can manage your anxiety more easily and confidently.


Our professional mental health experts analyze, assess, and prepare a treatment plan for you as per your mental health needs.


Still afraid of any past event? If yes, MAVA Behavioral Health is here to guide you on how to handle your stress and trauma.

Emotional Stress

You'll gain the tricks and the ways to tackle emotions, negative thoughts, and anger by connecting with our healthcare experts.


When the symptoms of schizophrenia overwhelm you, seeking professional guidance is vital. You can manage your overall symptoms of schizophrenia by connecting with us.


A condition where you struggle to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Our psychosis specialists can help you learn adequate ways to manage it.

Panic Disorder

Sudden episodes of fear and racing thoughts can be daunting, but with the guidance of our panic disorder psychiatrists, you can learn the ways to handle it.

Autism Spectrum

Our licensed healthcare professionals tailor a treatment plan for individuals facing Autism spectrum so that they might learn the means to socialize and handle mental health challenges

Not seeing your condition?

We're here to understand and support you in dealing with mental health challenges

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